3DCar Software Engineering Goals Disclosed (Inside Information)

Today, the utility of a car configurator is well-known: the configurator is an effective tool used in the sales process and helps the client in faster choosing his preferred configuration, leading him to the proper dealers. It has an important contribution to the marketing policies of manufacturers and dealers world-wide. 3D car configurators are new, and should be built according to some quality rules.

This article discloses the goals pursued by the software engineering process of 3DCar(TM), one of the first (probably the very first) fully interactive 3D car configurators, a project started in 2005, at a time when even 2D car configurators were a rarity. 3DCar (TM) was disclosed to public only a few days ago on YouTube!

The software system engineering goals:

easy and fast usage
(fast application loading, destination based ergonomics criteria, colour changes and 3D options are displayed very fast)
(the chosen technology is reliable for all the targeted platforms)
maximize the interactivity of users with the car
(the client establishes a strong bound with the vehicle by directly exploring various features and acting on its interactive parts)
make itself available on several means of presentation
(Internet, CDs/DVDs, local PC application, touch-screens, showroom plasma screens etc)
expandability, flexibility
(easily add new software modules packed with new features, easy replacing of current modules with improved ones, adding new 3D models as easy (and therefore cheap) as possible)
maximize exposure by offering higher performance (for high polygon count) with lower system requirements
(the application runs well even on older systems – this is achieved by: 1) optimization of 3D models and code 2) automatic adaptation by dropping of features with high system requirements to keep it running on older systems)
interfacing with the existing sales system and also including marketing tools
(ability to order, store client preferences, track the sales process, direct advertising areas, “tell a friend” tool etc)

At the time the project was started, technology for browser embedding was pretty unstable, caused significant performance losses and could not sustain the high interactivity of such a complex application.

Other solutions that appeared meanwhile and used various technologies for browser embedding, used to show a lot of blue-screens and crash the browsers or the whole operating system. 3DCar uses a web-start ability (like some of the Java applications use) for usage with browser. This assures very good performance and allows it to display models consisting of over 1 million triangles even on 5-6 year old PCs.

Computer Software Engineer Careers

Finding the right career can be a challenge, you want a job that you will find interesting but that also offers a bright future and a large salary. If you have an interest in computer programming then a good option can be a career as a software engineer. There are few jobs out there that can compete with it in terms of pay and job security.

The biggest reason that you may want to become a software engineer, besides enjoying the work, is that it is a career field that has excellent prospects. There is a huge demand for new software and that means that there is a huge demand for people who are able to create it. The result is that you should have no trouble finding a job if you have the required skills. In fact there are few careers anywhere that can offer the same kind of job security as software engineering currently does.

The other big reason that people go into the software engineering field is that it can be a very high paying job. This is particularly true for people who are first starting out. Every year when the list of highest paying jobs for new college graduates comes out computer science degrees are right near the top of the list. That is the good news, the bad news is that the pay does not increase by as much as in other fields. That being said virtually all software engineers are very well compensated.

One of the reasons that engineers don’t usually see their pay increase by a lot as they progress is that few of them move into management. Often this is because they have no interest in doing so but it is also often because they do not have the required skills. A software engineer who makes the effort to develop management skills will be huge demand to lead teams and can earn a very large salary.

There are a lot of ways that you can become a software engineer, it is actually one of the few career fields where high school dropouts and PhD’s can be working at the same job. A skill for programming can often get you a job with no formal education in the field, however you will find that it is a lot easier to find a job if you have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering.

Computer Software Engineer Jobs

The field of Computer Software Engineering has become more popular among UK university graduates in recent years. Students are entering university with a more sophisticated knowledge of information technology than undergraduates from a generation ago. This knowledge is coupled with a realization that many of the best jobs available in the UK involve computer technology, creating a desire within university students for success in the IT world. However, as graduates leave the university setting for the professional world, they begin to realize that their dream of working as a computer software engineer may be difficult to achieve.

The rising number of computer jobs in the United Kingdom has been met with an exponential increase in applications over the last decade. Professionals interested in software engineering, IT graduates, and candidates on the international market make the application process a log-jam. Hiring managers often have to set high standards in order to reduce the numbers of applicants that proceed to the interview stage. As such, talented software engineers may not be able to distinguish themselves enough to land their dream job. By understanding what a software engineer does on a daily basis, a young applicant is better able to tailor their application to suit a specific position.

Computer software engineers essentially bridge the gap between designers and users or retailers of software. Engineers take concepts and designs as imagined at the beginning of the creative process, create specific processes to meet the individual needs of software systems, and troubleshoot production processes in order to meet customer demands. For instance, a computer software engineer may work on creating the software CDs and supporting materials that come with a new video game or business solution. The role of the middle man means that engineers need to meet regularly with both designers and users or supply chain professionals to ensure that everything gets done right the first time.

This brief summary of a software engineer’s job should allow a young professional to focus their CV and application in the right areas. An applicant may choose to highlight areas of troubleshooting, problem solving, or multitasking in their application. On their CV, a young professional can highlight aspects of their education or job experience that would be uniquely suited to computer software engineering. In the interview process for a role as a software engineer, an applicant who is well-prepared should be able to use their knowledge of software engineering to answer a hypothetical question. In the end, computer software engineering jobs require quick thinking and creativity. An applicant needs to demonstrate these skills in order to land their dream job.

Are You Interested in a Career As a Software Engineer?

Computer software engineers are responsible for using mathematics and computer science in order to develop and test computer programming. They will have the primary responsibility of developing a number of different programs, which can include word processing applications and computer games, in addition to operating systems and network applications.

Computer engineering professionals will first analyze the needs of their clients, and then they will create a detailed set of algorithm instructions which can include programming, although this will usually be outsourced to computer programmers. Applications software engineers will often use raw codes such as Java, in order to create applications software, while system engineers will often help a corporation organize its operating systems.

Systems software will usually require a lot of tinkering in order to make sure that it can be utilized effectively by corporations, and engineers will frequently need to modify operating systems and programming in order to meet the needs of their clients.

These individuals will usually work in teams which can include marketing departments, manufacturing, engineering, designers, and artists, in order to work together to bring a software product to market.

System software engineers may work alone depending on the size of the business that their servicing, and they may have assistants underneath them in order to perform the more routine tasks of installing operating systems and other systems applications.

These individuals will frequently work 40 hours a week in clean and comfortable office environments, although they may experience repetitive motion strain and back discomfort. Most employers will require a bachelor’s degree and experience in computer programming, and four fifths of all software engineers had at least a bachelors degree.

In 2006, software engineers had about 850,000 jobs in America, with most working on applications, and about a third working on systems software. A minority of these individuals are freelance computer programmers. Job prospects overall are expected to be quite good and this field will be one of the fastest areas of growth in America over the next decade.

In 2006, the middle 50th percentile of these professionals made between $63,000 and $98,000, while computer systems engineers made more at between $68,000 and $105,000. In 2007, Robert Half Technology reported that software engineers made between $66,500 and $99,750 annually.